Hotmail login process – sign in

Hotmail login process is a simple step to sign in to your Microsoft email account. Then you can read, write, and sent email to everyone. To sign in Hotmail email, you must first sign up for an account.

What is Hotmail?

Hotmail is a free email service launched in 1995. Microsoft bought Hotmail in 1997, many Internet services that they meet the e-mail level for users are underway. It has helped founders to make $450,000,000 from $300,000.

Since July 2013, a new email service called has been introduced as the successor of Hotmail and the preview job has started.

And 02/18/2013, Microsoft has officially released and has replaced Hotmail with its new service. According to Microsoft, existing Hotmail users will soon be transitioning to the new service, but users will not have to open an address with the extension.

Hotmail in 1998
Hotmail in 1998

How to sign up – Hotmail login

How do you create Microsoft account in a simple way? I will answer the question. This process is as simple as possible. In step 2, we will open a Microsoft account. Here, let me tell you. A Microsoft account is called a Hotmail, WindowsLive, or Outlook account. If you have one of them, you do not need to open an account. These are Microsoft accounts. Now let me tell you about opening a Microsoft account.

1- Visit and you do not have a Microsoft account? Select Sign up now.

2- Fill in the information in the window that opens. Phone numbers may be left blank, but if you have one, please write another. If you want you can write on the phone is not a problem.

3- Select Get a new email address in the Username field and select a suitable name.

4. Once you have identified the appropriate E-MAIL address, select what you want to expand. They are,…

5 – Finally, enter Captcha in the given section and select CREATE ACCOUNT.

If you see this picture, congratulation.

sign up Hotmail account 6
Hotmail – Outlook reimagined.

Then you will choose your language, time zone=> Make it yours with over 50 themes and display options=>Add your signature.

Hotmail login process

In 2012, has been upgraded and re-branded to This change was accompanied by a new interface, which put the Metro atmosphere in the spotlight.

Hotmail Login on PC

There are many procedures that allow you to connect to your email. In the address bar of your browser, you can write one of the following URLs:,, or

Once on the login interface, the user will be asked to enter his personal data to know your username (Hotmail/outlook address, Skype name or phone number) and your password.

Hotmail Sign in 1
Hotmail login – Your account

Next your password:

Hotmail Sign in 2
Hotmail Login – Your password

Click Keep me signed in to SAVE your password in your browser. And then kick Sign in.
This is the main page of Outlook Mail:

Hotmail Sign in

Hotmail login on Smartphone

Windows gives you the ability to use from your mobile device through the Onedrive app. Whether for a Windows phone, Android, iPhone, Ipad, or iPod Touch, you can set your phone to view your Outlook account on your mobile device.

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Hotmail on smartphone
Hotmail in smartphone


For iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you must first click on settings, then mail, contact, calendar to add your account. Finally, select and then save. ( Microsoft OutlookEmail and Calendar in the App Store).


For Android devices, You must download the application to be able to enter your Outlook address and your password then click Next.

Indeed, these procedures are not applicable in all countries and regions, in addition, you will not be able to modify your contacts in the application. However, you can still configure your outlook account by another method.
In this specific case, you will need to click on E-mail and then on Add an account. After entering your Outlook address and password, click on Manual configuration. Then enter your username and password on Username and enter “” on the server name. Check the box next to “Use a secure connection (SSL)”. Finally, choose the account options and then over to finish the configuration. Thank you.